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Mykonos is home to chic restaurants, stunning villas and some of the most beautiful beach clubs in the world. Make time for these on your next trip.


Travel in Mykonos

The Island

Mykonos is a Greek island belonging to the Cyclades. Has a hot semi-arid climate and is characterized mainly by strong north winds also known as ”meltemia”. That’s why its nickname is ”the island of the winds”. Most of the beaches of the island are sandy and it is something that together with the crystal clear waters make it really stand out. It has been established for many years as one of the most famous destinations in the world both for its unique beauty and for its vibrant nightlife.

The locals are very hospitable and willing to welcome all visitors. Tourism is now their main industry. In Mykonos you will find shops of all kinds, from big fashion houses to small shops with handmade items. It is also a gay friendly destination where in recent years the XLsior festival has been established. An event that reaches people from all over the LGBT community.

The Mythology of Mykonos

According to classical mythology, the Giants killed by Hercules in a fierce battle, are buried on the island under imposing blocks of Mykonian granite. The name “Mykonos”, somewhat pejoratively, means a mass of stones’ or a rocky place. A later tradition attributes the name of the island to a hero by the name of Mykonos, the son of the king of Delos, Anios, who was the son of Appolon and nymph Rhoio- a descendent of Dionysus. 

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The windmills – are a characteristic attraction of the Mykonian landscape. There are many scattered around the island, but most are concentrated in the town of Mykonos (Chora) where they stand in a row on a hill overlooking the sea to take advantage of the strong north winds. Covered with wood and straw, the windmills were built by the Venetians in the 16th century to grind flour and remained in use until the early 20th century. Many have been renovated and restored to serve as homes for locals.

Little Venice – a series of old houses that in the past belonged to wealthy merchants and captains of the area. The first houses are estimated to have been built around the 18th century. Some of the houses have now been converted into bars and cafes and small shops and galleries. Little Venice is considered one of the most romantic places on the island and many people gather there to watch the sunset. Definitely worth visiting and taking a walk there.

Petros – was a great white pelican. It was the official mascot of the Greek island of Mykonos. In 1958, a wounded pelican was found off the coast of Mykonos by a local fisherman. The pelican was nursed to health and remained on the island supported by locals. Today, there is not one but at least three pelicans roaming around freely in Mykonos’ town.


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