”We know… When you own a villa in Mykonos, it feels like you have your own private paradise! However, a property in Mykonos could operate as a short- term rental villa as well. Renting a villa in Mykonos even for a short period of time requires an endless amount of work and numerous responsibilities. A house in Mykonos needs a vast amount of time and commitment to keep it running smoothly, especially if you live away from the island or you are contend with a busy lifestyle. Ethos Greek Hospitality offers a comprehensive service that takes care of all such responsibilities.”


  • Income budget setting-up.
  • Expenses budget setting-up.
  • Pre-opening budget setting-up.
  • Selection and recruitment of qualified staff.
  • Reservation management/ villa calendar management.
  • Villa branding.
  • Providing weakly report regarding to the actual budget and reservation progress every Wednesday.

Property Management

  • Villa’s opening set-up before summer season.
  • Villa’s closing set up after summer season.
  • Key holding.
  • Equipment inventory.
  • Maintenance recording during winter time or after the end of the season.
  • Villa opening and waiting-in service to allow household maintenance or deliveries for whole year.
  • Check in/ Check out.
  • Villa inspection visits on a daily basis.
  • Arrangements for housekeeping, swimming pool maintenance, general maintenance and to attend at your property.
  • Point of contact in your absence.