Easter in Mykonos

Easter in Mykonos

Easter in Mykonos!

easter composition with decorated easter eggs nest among flowers

April Editorial

Greek Easter, also known as Orthodox Easter, is the most important religious celebration in Greece, as it is the culmination of the Holy Week, a period of intense devotion and fasting. The date of Greek Easter varies from year to year and this season it will be on April 16th.

The Easter preparations in Greece start on Holy Thursday (April 13th), when people dye red eggs. This is a preparation for Saturday night (April 15th) where people compete with each other on midnight in a game called ‘tsougrisma’ by knocking the point of each egg. The winner is the one whose egg remains uncracked and gets to keep all broken eggs.

 On Big Friday evening (April 14th), a charade of people is walking with candles around the alleys of Mykonos Town, accompanying a symbolic bier.

Holy Saturday is a day of anticipation, as the resurrection of Christ is imminent. In the evening, the Easter Vigil takes place, and the church is adorned with flowers and candles. At midnight, the priest announces the resurrection of Christ, and lights their candles from a Holy Flame, which is brought from Jerusalem. The resurrection is celebrated with fireworks and bells ringing. Afterwards, everyone is going out to eat a traditional soup called ‘magiritsa’ made with lamb offal.

Easter Sunday is a day of joy and feasting. The traditional Easter meal is lamb, roasted on a spit. The meal is accompanied by traditional Easter bread, called “tsoureki,” which is decorated with red-dyed eggs.

In conclusion, Greek Easter is a time of great religious and cultural significance in Greece, where traditions and customs are deeply rooted in history and faith. It is a time of family gatherings, feasting, and celebration, where the message of hope and renewal is embraced by all.

Join the feats that will take place on that Sunday in all restaurants regardless your religion and add another unique experience on your backet list!

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